Couple Counselling

Separated, divorced, same-sex or single

Relate is all about relationships. If you want to talk about your relationships past, present or future, how your family is affected by your relationship, how you can improve your relationship, how you can manage a separation constructively, how you can get over a break up, Relate is here to help you.

Relate counsellors see over 150,000 people a year. Their role is to listen, to encourage you to talk openly about your concerns, and help you reach your own decisions about the best way forward.

Who is it for?

couples.jpgRelate counselling is open to everyone aged over 16. Whether you are married, living together, in a same-sex relationship, separated, divorced or single, our confidential service can help you to deal with your relationship difficulties. You can come on your own or with a partner.

How does it work?

With your counsellor you'll explore your feelings, values and expectations, and gain assistance with communication and problem solving and look at options and new possibilities.

At the end of counselling 90% of the people we see feel they understand their problem better and feel more able to deal with it.

For more information or if you would like to make an appointment to see a Relate Couples Counsellor, please call 023 8022 9761 or email