Life Skills Courses

Stress management, parenting and many more

Schools & Colleges

A range of one-day workshops and longer courses are available to school and college students, teachers, nurses and governors. Please contact the Training Development Manager to find out more. We can work with whole year groups, within the PSHE curriculum, offer INSET training days or after-school sessions for governors.

Corporate Training

Bespoke training can be tailored to meet specific needs. Please contact the centre and ask for the Training Development Manager to discuss your requirements.

life_skills_courses.jpgOpen Access Courses

Relate can offer various courses such as:

  • Stand Up For Me courses for young peole who may be being bullied
  • Stress Management
  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • New Life New Challenge
  • Taking Charge of Your Life
  • Happy Ever After
  • Assertion Skills
  • Parenting Teenagers

Some of these courses are accredited and all participants will receive a Relate certificate of attendance.


Most people think that Relate is only for people who are breaking up or trying to stay together. However many people come to counselling after a relationship has broken down, and in some cases many years after a divorce.

If you still feel raw or are finding it difficult to be a single person after a relationship has ended please consider relationship counselling as it often helps improve future relationships and enables people to come to terms with the past.

Relate For Parents

Relate offers a single session appointment where parents who are separating/divorcing can discuss with specially trained Relate counsellors how to communicate with the children appropriately about separation and/or divorce. The sessions explore how, when, where and what parents might tell them and look at possible responses now and in the future.

Parenting Programmes for Separating Parents

We offer two 4-hour workshops which are aimed at separated or separating parents (or involved extended family).  The course aims to:

  • Make the parents aware of the effect of separation on the child
  • Make it clear that continued conflict over contact is not in the ‘best interests of the child’
  • Give options and ideas about how to change things for the better by improving communication skills and promoting workable solutions

For parents who are ordered to attend by the Courts: Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) Courses - please click here for more information for parents ordered to attend by the Courts.

For parents who would like to book themselves: Parents Apart Training Courses - please click here for more information for parents.

For solicitors: Parents Apart Training Courses - please click here for more information for solicitors. 

New Life, New Challenge

Practical help for divorced and separated people from Relate, the relationship experts.
In just ten sessions, we can help you come to terms with divorce or separation, start to rebuild your life and face the future with confidence.

What the course covers:

New Life, New Challenge courses will be tailored to suit the people taking part but normally the programme will be:

  • Session 1 - Introduction and getting started
  • Session 2 - Exploring why relationships fail
  • Session 3 - Rebuilding after a relationship ends
  • Session 4 - Relating to other people
  • Session 5 - Safeguarding children, family and friends
  • Session 6 - Dealing with change
  • Session 7 - Learning about yourself
  • Session 8 - Building relationship skills
  • Session 9 - Solving practical problems
  • Session 10 - Looking to the future

Some common questions answered:

What is New Life, New Challenge?

New Life, New Challenge is a training course for people who have divorced or separated from their partners. The course consists of ten sessions, each one lasting about two hours.

A training course - Isn't that very formal?

Not at all. New Life, New Challenge is designed to suit people from all walks of life and the sessions are informal, friendly and down-to-earth.

Will there be other people on the course?

Yes. Each course is for a minimum of six people.

Isn't it embarrassing being in a group?

Everyone on the course will have gone though divorce or separation so you are likely to receive a lot of support from that shared experience.

What will I get out of it?

New Life, New Challenge will help you come to terms with the break up of your relationship and give you the skills and confidence to build a better future. At the end of the course, you will know more about :

  • The way you relate to other people
  • What makes relationships strong and happy
  • The effects divorce and separation have on your children, family and friends
  • Dealing with practical problems like money, work, and housing

New Life, New Challenge is not for couples who are still together or who are about to break up.