Relate Mediation

Information for separating couples - a guide to accessing the service

What is mediation?

Mediation helps couples who are separating or divorcing to make joint decisions about their future with the help of a trained mediator.

Relationships end - it's a fact of life.  At Relate Mediation we understand the emotional journey of separating and we know that the practical arrangements you make are crucial for the future of your family. 

Plan for a positive future

Avoid distress and court costs with Relate Mediation.

Relate Mediation

The service

  • Provides child focused agreements
  • Is a faster, less expensive process than going to court
  • Produces fair and workable arrangements

A confidential, independent service

Mediators are impartial; they do not represent one party or the other but are experienced in helping people make informed decisions in a neutral environment.  Mediation will not happen unless both parties and the mediator are in agreement that it is suitable.  It is a voluntary process and can be stopped at any time by the mediator or either client if it is felt to be inappropriate.

Mediation helps to promote co-operation between ex-partners.  The process can include grandparents and extended family members. 

Practical outcomes

There may be child contact arrangements to agree upon as well as matters of property and finance.  Relate Mediation offers a way forward that is workable for you and your family.

How long does mediation take?  How much does it cost?

Clients each attend the first appointment of 45 minutes separately. This is known as a MIAM (a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) and costs £45 per person.
You will be given the opportunity to:

  • Identify the issues to be resolved
  • Discuss any concerns you may have about the process
  • Find out how much mediation will cost you
  • Find other agencies to provide practical support as needed

Then both clients attend joint sessions for 90 minutes; two or three such sessions are usually sufficient, depending on the issues.  This costs £160 per client, per session.

If required, we can provide a Memorandum of Understanding at a cost of £90.  This is a document summarising all you have agreed, which you can then take to a solicitor to be legally ratified, if you wish.  This can help avoid lengthy court proceedings. 

Safety and Privacy

mediation.jpgIf you have concerns about joint mediation, if there is a history of intimidation or violence, we can make arrangements for separate rooms and separate arrival and departure times.

How do I access Relate Mediation?

Simply phone us on 023 8022 9761 to book your first appointment or email

We will require contact details for both parties as we will offer each of you an initial meeting (MIAM).

We can help you resolve many issues arising from separation and divorce.

We offer Relate Mediation appointments in Southampton, Winchester and Eastleigh.

Mediation is governed by Relate’s confidentiality policy

Mediation can help with the following:

  • How to separate or divorce
  • How you and your former partner can improve communication with each other in the future
  • Arrange child contact
  • What to say to the children and arrangements for them
  • Who will live where
  • Financial arrangements
  • The distribution of money and property
  • Contact with grandparents and extended family members